[mapguide-users] Open layers version 4.6

Hans Milling hm at geograf.dk
Sun Dec 17 23:41:10 PST 2017

I created a similar effect in the old OpenLayers version. If you add all your
geometry to the same table and have a column with the sea level. You can set
a filter on the layer. e.g. sealevel=10 and when people move the slider you
can change the sea level felter to e.g. filter=30 or whatever. To get the
best performance, you have the sea level layer in a separate map that you
add to your open layers map, and you refresh this layer only when the slider
is moved. Then OpenLayers do not have to call mapguide to render the entire
map every time you change the sea level. Only the sea level map is rendered.
It is not as fast as the example, because the example loads all data to the
browser. But it still works ok.

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