[mapguide-users] Displaying map fonts bold italic

Butwilowski Edgar Edgar.Butwilowski at win.ch
Sun Nov 18 22:58:51 PST 2018

Dear fellows

I found an odd behavior of MGOS and hope to find some help to this issue here. I am not sure whether this is only a configuration problem of my whole system setup or whether this is a bug in MGOS. Maybe you have also experienced this MGOS behaviour already. I am using MGOS v3.1.1.9378 on Windows Server 2016.

In my MGOS installation I have a problem with displaying fonts in the map that are set to bold and italic. In that case, they are displayed only italic but not bold. A font that is set to either italic OR bold works perfectly well but if it is configured to both: bold AND italic together, then it will not work. It does not matter which font I use, it does not work for all fonts I tried. The data for this map comes from an industry model stored in an Oracle database (11g). The visualisation of bold/italic is correct when opening the same industry model with the same display/styling model in AutoCAD Map 3D 2017.

Has anyone else already experienced this issue?

I would be very grateful for any hint in this matter.

Kind regards
Edgar Butwilowski

Stadt Winterthur 
Pionierstrasse 7
8403 Winterthur

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