[mapguide-users] Memory Leak in Java

Benoit Begin bbegin at geomapgis.ca
Wed Dec 18 12:50:51 PST 2019


I'm no Java expert, but I feel it could be a similar issue that you may face
with .NET and Large Heap Objects. With the size of the byte array you are
creating, 1024x1024, you might be overruning the size of the level 1
generation for the Garbage Collector and end up putting your data in a later
generation that doesn't get collected very often.

So when I do things in .NET with MgReaders that can get sizeable, I do set a
hard cap at 4096 bytes being read per iterations and they don't end up on
the LOH. Looking at your code, you potentially create 4 1MB large objects
every round. So those likely end up somewhere in your memory stack that the
JVM garbage collector doesn't clean up very quickly.

I did some quick Google searches about it and it seems a fairly common topic
when it comes to Java and object generation. I think it might be worth it to
do a quick search to optimize on that front.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable about Java can chime in, but I feel it
might be a worthwhile area to look into while waiting for a reply!



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