[mapguide-users] PHP 7

Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 05:45:44 PST 2019

This is a known (blocking) issue.

The next major release (3.3) will support PHP7. 3.3 will not ship without

Progress towards this support is glacial however, because this is not a
technically trivial task (also I'm burdened with other competing
priorities). This is because the PHP extension APIs (that allow PHP to talk
to MapGuide) have drastically changed from PHP5 -> PHP7, so our current SWIG
API binding infrastructure cannot generate PHP7-compatible bindings.

So we have to rework the API binding generation so that we can use the
latest version of SWIG (http://swig.org/) that supports PHP7. This task
itself is also not trivial because our current API binding generation is
based around an ancient and heavily modified version of SWIG. We have to
figure out how to do everything in vanilla SWIG without having to resort to

So yes, there is a plan to address this. I can't give a solid time-frame on
this though.

- Jackie

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