[MapProxy] Porting MapProxy to Java

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Thu Apr 1 08:57:48 EDT 2010


On 01.04.2010, at 14:18, Peter Borissow wrote:
> Now that I'm hooked on mapproxy, I want to port it to Java. I  
> started porting the code a couple days ago and I'm making some good  
> progress. I have ported 23 classes so far. Unfortunately, I'm  
> starting to hit some hurdles and I need your help to see this through.

Ha, it's 1th April, isn't it?

Seriously, why do you want to do a port? If you need to run MapProxy  
within Java Servlets you could try to do a port to Jython. That should  
be a lot easier and I would be happy to help you with it.

> I've never worked with Python before so some of my questions might  
> be just Python 101. For example, what is an img_filter? Example in  
> cache.py:
>        for img_filter in self.pre_store_filter:
>            tile = img_filter(tile)
> I can't seem to find the source for img_filter/pre_store_filter  
> anywhere in the code. What is a pre_store_filter and what is it  
> doing to a tile?

pre_store_filter is just a list of functions that take a tile and  
return a tile.

Python is a dynamic programming language and a lot of stuff is  
different from Java. You can do things in one line of Python that  
would require ten lines in Java.

> BTW, I'd love to give back the java code once I get it ported. Would  
> you guys be cool with that?

You can do whatever you like, it is Open Source. But keep in mind that  
if you create a one to one port/copy of MapProxy your bound to the  
same license (APGL).


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