[MapProxy] Problems with transparency

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Dec 15 10:37:19 EST 2010

Hi David,

On 15.12.2010, at 12:23, David Tabernero Pérez wrote:
> I defined a style in GeoServer which includes transparency (I set the fill opacity parameter  of 0.8), and I've assigned the style as default to a layer (a shapefile). If I got a image from Geoserver, returns to the style appliedcorrectly.
> When I ask MapProxy by that layer, transparency does not appear, comes fully transparent.
> I consulted the tiles in cache and none have transparency, have transparent fill. But if I look at the Logs from MapProxy and make the request URL exactly as it does to Geoserver from a browser, I get the right image with transparency.

The Python Image Library (PIL) does not support full transparency in paletted PNG8 files. You can either disable it with image.palleted option (see docs), or you can install my patched version of PIL:

 - http://bitbucket.org/olt/pil-117-fastpng/downloads
 - http://blog.mapproxy.org/improving-the-performance-for-png-requests

PS: Please try to avoid image attachments to a minimum. Either make them really small or post somewhere them online.


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