[MapProxy] Problem with custom projections

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Thu Dec 16 09:45:45 EST 2010

That's what I did, using a local shapefile to know where to go to. But 
no request is sent, as if the layer bbox wasn't covered by the wms 
layer, which is wrong as the 4326 bbox exposed by MapProxy is the whole 
world extent.
It works OK with ArcGIS who doesn't care for what is written in 
getCapabilities and just sends a request for each view displayed. It's 
ok too with an OpenLayers sample configured for using the EPSG:2154.
There must be something in the Capabilities which makes Qgis believe the 
layer is not there, but I can'tfigure out what yet. I'm gonna 
investigate a little bit further now that I'm sure the service is OK in 

Best regards,


Le 16/12/2010 14:35, Oliver Tonnhofer a écrit :
> On 16.12.2010, at 14:11, Guillaume Sueur wrote:
>> I'm trying to display a MapProxy cache using QGIS 1.6. The cache is SRS EPSG:2154. It never shows up under QGIS. I suspect something wrong in the getCapabilities, because no request is sent to MapProxy. But I didn't find what yet.
> MapProxy does not advertise the BBOX for each supported SRS, only for EPSG:4326. The 'zoom to layer' function of QGIS can't handle that. You need to zoom to your map manually at the moment, and then you should see your map AFAIK.
> Regards,
> Oliver

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