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adams adams at terrestris.de
Thu Jul 15 04:09:41 EDT 2010

Dear guys,

I just want to stress Olivers opinion here.

If someone starts an OpenSource project, he or the group will have some 
reasons for choosing the platform, ob which the project will be based. 
So I think, there have been many reasons for choosing Python for the 
Omnisvale guys.

As a maintainer of such an opensource project, a lot of work has to be 
done - beside the pure coding - and I am sure, running a project 
simultaneously based on two platforms means definitely a lot of work, 
might be even more than twice.

My next questions are the following: The ported code is a kind of "time 
stamped release" of MapProxy Version X.Y.Z.
What should happen in the future, if somebody contributes functionality 
to just one of the two platforms?
Who is responsible for porting the one bugfix or new feature from the 
one platform to the other one?
And a very important question at that point : Who cares and who pays for 

I really can understand, that the MapProxy project will not just 
overtake some code. I wouldn't do that either.
Peter, this is nothing personally against you or your work!! It is much 
more easier: In my eyes this is simply impossible.

Using the good ideas in MapProxy for starting a new OS project like 
J-MapProxy or whatever you call it, might definitely be a good idea, and 
under the roof of e.g. OsGeo a co-operation of the projects is really 
wanted. Look at Geoserver and Mapserver. No one would come up with the 
idea, to union both projects or to port Mapserver code to Java. But 
although therei s definitely a kind of competition between the named 
projects, there are a lot of benefits for both, when interchanging 
ideas, improoving libraries both are based on and so on. I think the 
WMS-Shootout on Foss4G is the best example on this.

Just my two cents.

Regards, Till

Oliver Tonnhofer wrote:
> On 14.07.2010, at 21:44, Peter Borissow wrote:
>> That's too bad. The code is almost identical to the python version - 
>> same class
>> names, methods, etc. All the classes are neatly organized into mapproxy
>> packages.
> Can you show the code somehow?
>> Oh well. I guess I'll have to start a new project :-(
> I'm sorry, but we can't just take your code and put it on 
> mapproxy.org, there are too many open questions: Wich version of 
> MapProxy did you use for your port? How do you guarantee that the Java 
> version includes all new features? Who checks that both versions are 
> compatible? Who fixes bug in the Java version. Etc.
> Maintaining an Open Source project is much more that just writing (or 
> porting) some code.
> Regards,
> Oliver

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