[MapProxy] Frist MapProxy 0.9 preview

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Jul 28 07:42:17 EDT 2010


we put up a first alpha version for the upcoming 0.9.0 release of  

The latest release is available at:


To update within you virtualenv:

$ pip install http://mapproxy.org/static/rel/MapProxy-0.9.0a1.tar.gz

Updated documentation is available at:


Below is a summary of the major changes, it's a slightly updated from  
the MapProxy roadmap mail http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/mapproxy/2010-June/000120.html


We are using the pre-1.0 status of MapProxy to do some major changes.


The biggest change of all is that we will modify the configuration  
layout. It will be slightly more complex but way more flexible.

A small example:

Some benefits of the new configuration:
Most global options, like image resampling and meta_size, will be  
configurable for each cache; you will be able to reuse parts of the  
configuration, like grid or source definitions; and there will be a  
single configuration instead of two (service.yaml and proxy.yaml).

Unfortunately, this change is backwards incompatible with 0.8. But,  
the change will make it easier to grow (in features) and allows us to  
make future releases backwards compatible.

Less dependencies

We removed two dependencies that required a C compiler. The only  
dependency that requires compilation is now the Python Image Library  
(PIL). If you use PIL from your system distribution (python-imaging on  
Debian/Ubuntu) you will no longer need a compiler during installation.

We switched the templates away from Jinja2 to Tempita, a minimal  
Python-only template engine. It is a bit slower, but it is only used  
for capability documents.

The other dependency wich required compilation was pyproj. We we added  
a wrapper to MapProxy that directly uses libproj, the Proj4 C-library.  
libproj is available on most systems and should already be installed  
when you use software like MapServer or PostGIS. There is a fallback  
to pyproj, i.e. you can still use the binary distribution of pyproj on  

Code reorganization

We rearranged the package structure of MapProxy. We removed the core  
package and grouped everything more consistent. It shouldn't bother  
you, if you do not develop on MapProxy.


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