[MapProxy] less configuration for MapProxy

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Jun 28 12:22:27 EDT 2010


On 25.06.2010, at 21:47, Daniel Araújo Miranda wrote:
>  Please let me know if this should be posted in the bitbucket issue
> list instead of the mailing list.

The Bitbucket issue tracker is the right place for this. I can not garante the every feature request gets implemented, but at least it does not get lost.

> I have tried mapproxy to proxy WMS between GeoServer and ArcMAP (which,
> AFAIK, does not support WMS-T or the like), and found it very annoying
> to have to configure the layers in mapproxy every time I
> added/removed/renamed them on GeoServer. Please make configuration
> easier by checking the GetCapabilities document from the server and
> allowing one to load SRSs, layers and other parameters automatically
> with expressions like "*" and "abc_*".

What should happen when this adds a layer to an existing cache? Should the cache be pruned? What happens when the BBOX of a layer changes and this BBOX defined the tile grid? There are numerous cases where automatic capabilities reading would result in unexpected behavior.  Sure, it is possible, but it is not something programmed in a few hours.

> Here follows a small python script that I wrote for my case, but I
> believe it is generic enough to be of use to other people using
> MapProxy.

Yes, a small script that builds an example configuration from an existing WMS server would be convenient. It could be integrated in the `paster create -t mapproxy_conf` script.


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