[MapProxy] California in Africa

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Sep 3 02:10:45 EDT 2010

On 02.09.2010, at 18:40, Sebastian E. Ovide wrote:
> You need to tell OpenLayers that this layer is transparent.
> actually it is displayed with opacity 0.5... so it is displayed in top of Google maps but still you can see google maps behind it...  but it draws also a black background (semi transparent)... infact the images that I get from the URL generated by OpenLayers woud be a black box with a piece of CA drawn over it....

You need to tell OpenLayers that this layer is transparent. :)

> (black tile with part of the map)

Because you/OpenLayers didn't requested that image with transparency. Black is the default background color, you can change it:,5097432.5405688,-13496944.704867,5102324.5103781&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256&BGCOLOR=0xff0000

or you can say that the background should be transparent:,5097432.5405688,-13496944.704867,5102324.5103781&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256&transparent=true

Look at the OpenLayers documentation.


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