[MapProxy] Mapproxy hangs on reprojection?

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Sep 27 06:28:19 EDT 2010

On 26.09.2010, at 22:10, Anne Blankert wrote:
> Op 25-9-2010 11:58, Oliver Tonnhofer schreef:
>> I have never seen any hanging of MapProxy. Can you shutdown MapProxy with ctrl-c, ctrl-d or ctrl-z (can't remember which one works on windows) and post the traceback information?
> I now also installed MapProxy in a virtual box under Ubuntu 10.4 and that works without hanging. Under Windows Vista, ctrl-c gives some info before returning to the command prompt, but after hanging, ctrl-c just returns to the command prompt without messages. Under Windows, the osm omniscale example is stable, but the reproject is not stable. Python should behave the same under all OS-ses, but I think MapProxy also uses some natively compiled modules?

MapProxy uses PIL and PyProj which both have native code. It worked on some Windows 2008 Server version the last time I tested it. Can you post the versions you use? (the content of lib/python2.6/site-packages)

>>> * it seems that layer-transparancy is lost if reprojected. Is that true?
>> It should work, otherwise it would be a bug :)
>> Can you make sure your client requested MapProxy with `transparent=true`?
> After reprojection, transparency still seems to be lost, also on the Linux install.
> Both client to MapProxy and MapProxy to WMS request with 'transparent=true'. I verified that the WMS server sends a png on a transparent background.

Ok, thanks for reporting that. I'll look into that.


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