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Johan Sandberg johs at
Wed Apr 6 13:58:46 EDT 2011

Yes that seem to be the thing that is happend actually. they are shrink around 2/3 of the orignal image size.
Thanks for answering!

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Hi Johan!

2011/4/6 Johan Sandberg <johs at<mailto:johs at>>
Hello! I have seen that mapproxy seem to make the image sizes smaller. When requesting an image directly to the WMS and the same image to Mapproxy, its 2/3 of the WMS image in size.
Is there som builtd in mechanism in MP that compress the image?
Both requested images are png by the way.

What you are likely seeing is PNG-8 color quantization:
I couldn't find it in the MapProxy change log, but I think PNG-8 became default in MapProxy 0.9.0 (the blog post is about version 0.8.x).

cu andreas
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