SV: [MapProxy] SV: Response time question

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at
Mon Apr 11 07:10:58 EDT 2011

On 11.04.2011, at 12:33, Johan Sandberg wrote:
> Hej!
> Yes that's offcourse true. This leads to not so greate performance on bigger image sizes with Map Proxy. 
> Measuring directly to the WMS I see that the scaling is only twice the time.
> To a certain image size there is no use of using M.P for better perfromance according to the tests I perform.

Well, this is true for _all_ WMS servers. You might not notice that factor with you WMS server if the per-request overhead is rather large compared to the actual rendering and image encoding.

But, there is no need for caching if you already have a fast WMS server. You can either disable it completely or from a specific level on (use_direct_from_level). You can use this if your WMS doesn't have to render much data in higher resolutions.


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