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Andreas Trawoeger atrawog at datenscheibe.org
Mon Apr 11 08:40:16 EDT 2011

Hi Johan!

2011/4/11 Johan Sandberg <johs at kth.se>

> Hey!
> I am performing tests with the software LoadUI. I have pregenerated URLS
> from a listw which the programe reads.
> The backend WMS are a geoserver which is pretty fast. MapProxy is installed
> on a linux computer running on apache2 with the WGSImode.
> For the fourth test (1600*1200) the WMS the avarage time is better for WMS
> than for MapProxy.
> The tests are fetching the same data which are severall vector layers
> compose as one Map layer.

If you are planning to serve large images via WMS it is probably a good idea
to increase your tile size [0].

Mapproxy defaults to tiles with 256x256 pixels. If you request a 1600*1200
pixel image MapProxy has to fetch and glue together 7*5=35 tiles, which adds
up latency and negates the advantage of having a proxy.

If you increase your tile size to 512x512 pixel MapProxy only has to fetch
4*3=12 tiles which should help in reducing your latency.

cu andreas

[0] http://mapproxy.org/docs/1.0.0/configuration.html#tile-size
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