[MapProxy] MapProxy for caching the French Géoportail

benoit.david at wms.lautre.net benoit.david at wms.lautre.net
Fri Aug 26 09:15:04 EDT 2011


I am looking for a GeoCache for the WMS-C web-services of the French
Géoportail (http://api.ign.fr)
The problem is that they implement a specific digital right management (DRM).
Did somebody adapt MapProxy for these web-services ?

Otherwise, I have developed a Php proxy script that can be used as a proxy
to the web-services and manages the GeoDRM (htpp://wms.lautre.net).
Il suppose that I can tell MapProxy to use this proxy to get the tiles
from the Géoportail.
Does somebody have experiences on MapProxy for this kind of need ?


Benoit DAVID
French Ministry of Sustainable Development
Geographic Information Unit
benoit.david at wms.lautre.net

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