[MapProxy] Problem using MapProxy as a TMS client for a WMS server

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Dec 21 04:50:33 EST 2011

On 20.12.2011, at 17:45, John Taranu wrote:
> I'm still having trouble getting MapProxy to correctly render at zoom levels
> below the TMS max scale.  My TMS only goes down to z=19.  The MapProxy WMS
> works correctly down to this zoom level.  For z=20 and higher, it requests
> the TMS tiles at z=19, but it doesn't seem to be resampling the tiles
> correctly.  That is, it still gets the 256x256 tiles but they are not scaled
> up to 512x512 (z=20), 1024x1024 (z=21) or higher.  

There are multiple issues with your configuration.

> Below is my cache configuration in mapproxy.yaml.
> ---------------
> caches:
>  ortho2008cache:
>    link_single_color_images: true
>    use_direct_from_level: 22
>    num_levels: 20
>    disable_storage: true

You can't use use_direct_from_level for tile sources. num_levels is not a valid option, only for grids (you should see a warning on the console). link_single_color_images doesn't do anything when using disable_storage.

> grids:
>  google1:
>    srs: 'EPSG:3785'
>    res_factor: 2
>    num_levels: 25

num_levels must match you tile source. Does you source have 25 levels?


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