[MapProxy] MapProxy Image Quality

Bastien DEBLAIS bdeblais at iftechnologies.net
Wed Jul 27 05:10:34 EDT 2011

Hi Oliver,

thanks for your reply.
You're right:
I've changed my cache grid resolutions and it's all good.

the result:

Le 27/07/2011 10:24, Oliver Tonnhofer a écrit :
> On 26.07.2011, at 17:01, Bastien DEBLAIS wrote:
>> I'm trying to configure a local mapserver source.
>> I've trouble with the quality of PNG images wich I found very poor for Vector layer.
>> What is the best configuration for the Higher image quality?
> Your image looks like you zoomed in quite a bit. Please check if you have enough levels configured for your grid[0]. You can also disable caching from level X on [1].
> For vector images see also [2]
> [0] http://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/configuration.html#num-levels
> [1] http://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/configuration.html#use-direct-from-level-and-use-direct-from-res
> [2] http://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/configuration_examples.html#cache-vector-data
> Regards,
> Oliver
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