[MapProxy] Using local Mapserver binary

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Thu May 26 08:05:16 EDT 2011

On 26.05.2011, at 13:39, Christian Willmes wrote:
> I directly tested it with the new release candidate 1.1.0rc1.
> The issue regarding the local Mapserver remains, MapProxy try's to
> access mapserver from the "wrong" URL -> http://localhost +
> /path/to/mapserver/binary
> which results in requests to invalid URLs.
> e.g. http://localhost/usr/sbin/mapserv?

No, it doesn't request that URL. It calls the /path/to/mapserver/binary and passes everything behind the '?' as the QUERY_STRING. MapProxy just logs that call to CGI with a URL. I'll change that if that is confusing.

> Is that maybe a bug, or did I misunderstood how to configure it
> correctly? If I give the coorect URL path like /mapserv MapProxy will
> not start:
> [2011-05-26 13:37:48,113] mapproxy.config - CRITICAL - could not find
> mapserver binary ('/mapserv')

... and it looks like that part works. I need some more information from you to help here: configurations, Mapserver version, the output you get, etc. 


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