[MapProxy] timeout for slow WMS server

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Fri Oct 28 05:43:36 EDT 2011

 I'm trying to use MapProxy as global OSM WMS server. I have full planet in imposm database and Mapserver as WMS server. The problem is that low-zoom queries (especially with zooms 4-6 and metatiles) are very slow, take many minutes. The plan is to pre-seed low zoom levels to cache, so slowness would not be really visible for enduser. But the problem seems to be that mapproxy times out with these queries and never really seeds cache, and I cannot find a way to extend backend timeout in mapproxy configuration. Quickfix in code level would work for me also, but I don't really know Python enough to start to mess with this.

 I know that the better way would be to fix the map layout and imposm configuration to make these zooms just work faster, but in short run I'd prefer some mapproxy level solution here.


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