Re: [MapProxy] Logging doesn´t seem to work for MultiMapProxy

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at
Wed Sep 7 12:47:24 EDT 2011

On 06.09.2011, at 18:17, Max Stephan wrote: 
> I just realized that logging doesn´t seem to work when MultiMapProxy is used. I was wondering why it didn´t log anything, switched back to the “Single-Mapproxy” and then everything was logged as expected again. Is this a known bug? I´ve upgraded to Mapproxy 1.2.1 but the same bug occurred when using 1.1.1.

I have to guess if you don't provide any information about your configuration.

You are using paster and you use the log_conf option in you [app:main] section? That option is not available for MultiMapProxy, but you can add the content of your logging configuration to the paster .ini file.


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