Re: [MapProxy] Logging doesn´t seem to work for MultiMapProxy

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at
Thu Sep 8 04:55:23 EDT 2011

On 08.09.2011, at 09:05, Max Stephan wrote:
> I´ve included the content from log_deploy.ini in the config.ini-file now, but I get the following error when trying to start with this configuration:
> ConfigParser.InterpolationMissingOptionError: Bad value substitution:
>        section: [handler_mapproxy]
>        option : args
>        key    : here
>        rawval : (r"%(here)s/../var/proxy.log", "a")
> Do you know what the reason for this could be. The same log-config was working fine for the singleapp-config (I haven´t changed anything).

It doesn't understand the %(here)s variable. Try to upgrade PasteScript:

  pip install "PasteScript>="

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