[MapProxy] mapproxy and mapnik2

Luca Delucchi lucadeluge at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 05:08:20 PDT 2012

2012/8/3 Frank Broniewski <brfr at metrico.lu>:
> Hi Luca,
> If you use mapproxy-seed and your web server at the same time, and both run
> under another user (e.g. www and luca), there's a chance that the lock
> directory is not writable by the other user.

ok, now I'm not looking tiles from web

> That means, if you run mapproxy-seed as luca, the lock directory has 755
> (rwx,rx,rx) as default permission and is only writable by you. If now the
> webserver tries to write into that directory it is blocked out and the lock
> directory exception occurs

thanks for explanation.
Another question, the percent value of mapproxy-seed is the percent of
tiles already done rigth?

> Frank



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