[MapProxy] Map shift between TMS and WMS

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Thu Aug 9 04:33:11 PDT 2012

Le 09/08/2012 10:23, Frank Broniewski a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a shift of my map in comparison to TMS between WMS layer.
> I have a mapnik OpenStreetMap source and a wms relief source. If I use
> the OpenStreetMap source as a tms and overlay the relief source as wms,
> there's a vertical shift of the data so that it is not overlaying
> correctly. If I use the OpenStreetMap source as wms and the relief as
> wms, both are overlaying correctly. Now I wonder what may be the cause
> of this behavior? Is this maybe due to the bounding box with which the
> grid is configured?


Are you sure the EPSG:3857 projection is correctly defined on your 
system ? What is the result of the command :
epsg_tr.py 3857 ?


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