[MapProxy] MapProxy and HTTP-Proxy

gdis at arcor.de gdis at arcor.de
Thu Aug 16 06:32:09 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I have a problem with MapProxy and HTTP-Proxy.
To access OSM data from the web I have configured MapProxy to use a proxy. In the config file I added the follwing lines:

import os
os.environ["http_proxy"] = "http://example.com:3128"

This works fine. No problem so far.

I also want to access a local WMS which is not accessible through that proxy. Is there a way to define non-proxy-hosts like in java? I found and tried os.environ["http_no_proxy"]="xxx" but it doesn't work.

Anyone has a tip for me how to access both data sources?

Thank you very much.


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