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Carpenter, Tim t.carpenter at fugroworld.com
Sun Dec 16 18:36:57 PST 2012



I am investigating a problem where MapProxy serves WMS images with
transparent lines on their edges. I've found that this is easily
repeatable with the example demo service on a clean install of MapProxy.


If you install the latest version of MapProxy and fire up the demo
service but change the wms_demo.html file to remove the singleTile
option on the OpenLayers layer you get transparent lines between some of
the map images. See WMSTileEdge.png. The attached file WMSTile.png has a
1px transparent line along the bottom edge where there should be data.


Why is this? And is there a way to prevent it?


I've tried changing many of the settings in the yaml config files
(anything possibly related to transparency) to no great success. I can
stop them happening but the effect is that the content outside of the
boundary of the WMS becomes opaque which looks bad as well.





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