[MapProxy] Not 100% tiles loaded from cache , after seed operation

Dimitrios Karachalios karachalios at planetek.gr
Mon Feb 20 11:41:41 EST 2012

I am new to MapProxy.
I complete successfully a seed operation for levels from 0 to 15 .
The seed operation was finished with a 100% process msg.
Then I started the test server  with the tms option .
During the user map navigation through the openlayers - webpage, I 
observed that not all the tiles have  been loaded  from the cache.
Instead , I had for a determinate area, 8 tiles for generic example 
loaded from  the tms cache and 2 loaded form  wms requests .
I was expecting only a 100% cache use after  the seed procedure  that 
was made before.(that all my tiles should be loaded by the cache)
How can I produce -force the production -of all the tiles in the cache , 
so to can be able to exclude after that  wms requests?
The user - map navigation was made in the bbox declared as parameter in 
the mapproxy.yaml.


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