[MapProxy] reproduction from wms to tiles

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Tue Jan 31 09:57:51 EST 2012

On 30.01.2012, at 22:49, Jaak Laineste wrote:

> Greets,
>  I would need to convert WMS in local  projection to the "web map tiles API" which is in EPSG:900913, so they could be consumed in Potlach2. I have already WMS conversion from 4326 to the same, and this works. Now I added another WMS map source with similar pattern, and with local projection instead of 4326, then WMS requests started to have completely wrong and defunct coordinate ranges. So it looks like 4326 (in source wms) ->900913 (in tiles API) works, but 3301->900913 reprojection does not.
> The functioning layer name is maaamet_orto, the one which does not work properly is maaamet_reljeef here:
> [...]
>  The resulting wrong WMS URL example - SRS here is correct, but bbox numbers
> certainly not: http://kaart.maaamet.ee/wms/fotokaart?layers=reljeef&width=1024&version=1.1.1&bbox=-74125583.3418,5327739.45256,-74021330.5857,5432021.63481&service=WMS&format=image%2Fjpeg&styles=&srs=EPSG%3A3301&request=GetMap&height=1024

Are you sure you are requesting tiles inside Estonia?
You should add a coverage to you source, if it is a local SRS, to make sure you are not requesting data where the transformation is invalid.


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