[MapProxy] No tile generated with seed process

Arnaud Vandecasteele arnaud.sig at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 00:18:09 PDT 2012

Hi Oliver,

>     levels:
> >         to: 10
> >     refresh_before:
> >         minutes: 1
> You are only seeding from level 0 to 10...

The levels are just for the test.
When the service will works I will generate do for all of them.

> > coverages:
> >   reunion:
> >     bbox: [55.026,-21.612,56.008,-20.657]
> >     bbox_srs: "EPSG:4326"
> and the BBOX is quite small. So there are not many tiles to seed with this
> configuration.

The BBOx is small because my area is small :D
It's for Réunion island [1]
As you can see it's not a big Island !

> > And no tile is generated inside my cache_data folder. But when I use the
> demo interface the tiles are generated.
> Do you have any tiles in the cache_data folder? Maybe you have a coverage
> in you mapproxy.yaml that does not intersect with the seed coverage?
For my test, I delete all the folders inside the cache_data folder.
And here is my configuration for mapproxy.yaml

    type: mapnik
    mapfile: /home/arnaudvandecasteele/src/mapnik-style/osm974.xml
       bbox: [55.026,-21.612,56.008,-20.657]
       bbox_srs: "EPSG:4326"

I don't understand why it's not working. Do you see anythong wrong ?

Thank you.


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