[MapProxy] WMTS as source in MapProxy

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Mon Jul 16 22:53:37 PDT 2012

Le 16/07/2012 13:43, Pekka Sarkola a écrit :
> Hi,
> I like to use WMTS service as source in MapProxy. But because I'm quite
> newbie with MapProxy, I'd like to ask your help.
> National Land Survey of Finland has now some WMTS services on beta phase.
> Unfortunately their documentation is in Finnish, but as talented developers,
> you can most probably will  understand URL from here:
> http://www.maanmittauslaitos.fi/aineistot-palvelut/rajapintapalvelut/rasteri
> aineistojen-palvelurajapinta-wmts-beta/kayttoonotto/kyselyt-esimerkit
> I tried to found solution from documentation, but I didn't found any
> examples to use WMTS as source in MapProxy.


You have to add a tile source (see
<http://mapproxy.org/docs/1.4.0/sources.html#tiles-label> )

Something like (untested) :

    type: tile
    grid: EPSG_3067

Note that the % characters in TILEMATRIX and FORMAT must be escaped (Put
%% instead of %).


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