[MapProxy] Handling a lot of WMS layers

Martin Kokeš shr3k at typo3-hosting.com
Tue Mar 6 11:43:14 EST 2012

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Subject: [MapProxy] Handling a lot of WMS layers

> Hello everybody,
> I am going to create a WMS service with many layers and I'm looking 
> for the best way to organize the MapProxy configuration file.
> In MapServer, used to generate the service, I will useINCLUDE keyword 
> to keep file size small, but I do not know how to handle the same 
> problem in MapProxy.

Hi Luca,

I'll go probably for some cron shell script and php/perl/python or your favourite language to fetch layers from some mysql/sqlite table, generate mapproxy.yaml and reload apache conf.

In this way I'm creating my tilestache JSON-like conf.


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