[MapProxy] WMS-C as a source

Jeff Konnen jaykayone at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 16:14:16 EST 2012

Hi again,

my server now starts, but I'm still not sure if I can achieve what I want to.

My source is a WMS-C with 256x256 tiles in a certain SRS.
What I want is a WMS Service serving those tiles in another SRS.

I did what I think was correct to configure this (see conf below)

But when I use the WMS I get two kinds of errors that make me think that MP can't work the way I'd need it to:

[1] : Height and width

My request: curl "http://xx.xx.xx:8080/service?REQUEST=GetMap&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&LAYERS=Ortho&STYLES=&FORMAT=image/jpeg&BGCOLOR=0xFFFFFF&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&SRS=EPSG:2169&BBOX=73997.2609715518,110462.75737772,77590.9665471056,112690.471846402&WIDTH=563&HEIGHT=349"

Error: Could not get retrieve any sources:
tile size of cache and tile source do not match: (256, 256) != (563, 349)

I thought that MP would request a series of tiles into its cache and send back a dissolved image?

[2]: SRS

My request:  curl "http://xx.xx.xx:8080/service?REQUEST=GetMap&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&LAYERS=Ortho&STYLES=&FORMAT=image/jpeg&BGCOLOR=0xFFFFFF&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&SRS=EPSG:2169&BBOX=80000,80000,81000,81000&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256"

Error: Could not get retrieve any sources:
SRS of cache and tile source do not match: SRS('EPSG:310024802') != SRS('EPSG:2169')

This is exactly why I need MapCache, because the tiles are in the wrong SRS ;-)

As you see, I'm still unsure if MapCache can handle my problem, so I'd be glad to know what you think..

Best regards and TIA

    # needs no arguments
    srs: ['EPSG:2169','EPSG:310024802']
    image_formats: ['image/jpeg']
      # metadata used in capabilities documents
      title: MapProxy WMS Proxy
      abstract: This is the fantastic MapProxy.
      online_resource: http://mapproxy.org/
        person: Your Name Here
        position: Technical Director
        address: Fakestreet 123
        city: Somewhere
        postcode: 12345
        country: Germany
        phone: +49(0)000-000000-0
        fax: +49(0)000-000000-0
        email: info at omniscale.de
        This service is intended for private and evaluation use only.
        The data is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0
      fees: 'None'

  - name: Ortho
    title: Ortho
    sources: [ign_ortho_tile]
    srs: EPSG:310024802
    bbox: [-1048576,3670016,2097152,6815744]
    bbox_srs: EPSG:310024802
    origin: nw
    res: [2048,1024,512,256,128,64,32,16,8,4,2,1,0.5,0.25,0.125,0.0625]
    tile_size: [256,256]
    sources: [ign_ortho_tile]
    grids: [mygrid]
    #disable_storage: true
    format: image/jpeg    
      type: mbtiles
      filename: /tmp/ign_ortho.mbtiles
    type: tile
    url: http://xx.xx.xx/wmsc?service=WMS&request=GetMap&version=1.1.1&layers=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS&styles=&srs=EPSG:310024802&format=image/jpeg&width=256&height=256&bbox=%(bbox)s
    grid: mygrid  
  # # coordinate transformation options
  #   # WMS 1.3.0 requires all coordiates in the correct axis order,
  #   # i.e. lon/lat or lat/lon. Use the following settings to
  #   # explicitly set a CRS to either North/East or East/North
  #   # ordering.
  #   axis_order_ne: ['EPSG:9999', 'EPSG:9998']
  #   axis_order_en: ['EPSG:0000', 'EPSG:0001']
  #   # you can set the proj4 data dir here, if you need custom
  #   # epsg definitions. the path must contain a file named 'epsg'
  #   # the format of the file is:
  #   # <4326> +proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +no_defs  <>
     proj_data_dir: '/usr/share/proj/'

  # image/transformation options
      resampling_method: nearest
      # resampling_method: bilinear
      # resampling_method: bicubic
  #     jpeg_quality: 90
  #     # stretch cached images by this factor before
  #     # using the next level
  #     stretch_factor: 1.15
  #     # shrink cached images up to this factor before
  #     # returning an empty image (for the first level)
  #     max_shrink_factor: 4.0

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