[MapProxy] Fw: Missing Content-Type header in WMS source

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A big thank you for your replies Oliver, they got me on the right track and it took me just a minute to solve the issue by simply commenting out line 62 in client\wms.py: self._check_resp(resp).  I thought the problem was much more complicated so yesterday I spent hours going through various .py files, trying to set the response header or mimetype somewhere. Your replies to me and André made me realize that the problem was not as complicated as I thought. Compliments on a great piece of software.

Magnus E.

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On 28.10.2012, at 15:12, Magnus E wrote:
> Is there any way of telling Mapproxy explicitly that the incoming content is a png image? The only requests I make are for png images, so it probably wouldn't complicate matters if I let Mapproxy somehow assume that the source content is always a png image when the Content-Type header is missing.

There is no configuration option for that. But maybe MapProxy is checking too much in this case? I can change this check to only compare the Content-Type if it is present. Other parts of MapProxy already handle data that is not a valid image and MapProxy also checks for the HTTP status code (2xx). 


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