[MapProxy] How to install on virtualenv?

Kazuhiro Niitsuma kazuhiro.niitsuma at katachistudio.co.jp
Wed Sep 5 18:12:14 PDT 2012


  I resolved my troubles below.
  I found python-devel package has not installed on my
system, so I installed it by using yum outside of
virtualenv, and I built virtual environmment again.
  Then I tried follwing sequence again, MapProxy was
successfuly installed.

  I hope this report helps anyone.

Best regards,
Kazuhiro Niitsuma

On 2012/09/05 14:27(JST), Kazuhiro Niitsuma wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a CentOS6.3(64bit) on VMWare and I want to run MapProxy on this
> system but now I'm facing some troubles for instlation.
> First time I installed MapProxy on CentOS6.3 without virtualenv, no troubles
> has met.
> But next time I installed MapProxy on vurtualenv, which is recommended to
> run MapProxy on it, instlation has failed.
> This time what I did was:
> 1. mkdir mapenv
> ->done.
> 2. virtualenv mapenv
> ->done.
> 3. source mapenv/bin/activate
> ->done.
> 4. pip install PyYAML
> ->done.
> 5. pip install MapProxy
> ->failed.
> So many compilation errors ware detected in _imaging.c .
> What should I do to install MapProxy on virtualenv on CentOS6.3?
> Any comments will be welcome.
> Best Regards,

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