[MapProxy] MapProxy fails with mapnik source

Егор Сальников e.salnikov at sgsim.ru
Fri Sep 7 07:21:23 PDT 2012


I've got MapProxy 1.4.0 with Mapnik 2.1 source with mapfile pointing to 
postgresql db as datasource. And it doesnt work.

# mapproxy-util serve-develop -b <myIP> mapproxy.yaml


mapproxy.config - INFO - reading: /srv/temp/mymapproxy/mapproxy.yaml
mapproxy.system - INFO - using libproj for coordinate transformation

and hangs forever, no CPU usage or any other signs of work. i've tried

# python -m trace --trace mapproxy-util serve-develop -b <myIP> 

which gives me 34mb of trace output

The used mapproxy.yaml is a copy of default, with source type changed to 

The default mapproxy.yaml works great. renderd with specified myosm.xml 
renders tiles with no problem.

I have tried different thing like writing minimal mapproxy.yaml (like 
the one in the online docs) with no change.

Grateful in advance.

Egor Salnikov

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