[MapProxy] Antwort: Re: problems with mbtiles via mapproxy

Erik.Heinen at dlr.rlp.de Erik.Heinen at dlr.rlp.de
Fri Sep 14 01:48:05 PDT 2012

Hi Oliver,

coordinates aren't similar in the files. But I'm not quite sure what grid 
definition would be expect.
I used EPSG:3857 in my MapProxy-Configuration, thought this is the right 
one for MBtiles. 
Am I wrong?


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Betreff:        Re: [MapProxy] problems with mbtiles via mapproxy

On 10.09.2012, at 15:15, Erik.Heinen at dlr.rlp.de wrote:
> I’ve stored data via mapproxy in mbtiles format and want to use it 
within my osmdroid application on mobile device. But  I don’t get a map on 
my mobile device, just an empty grid.
> If I generate the mbtiles with mobac everything works fine and I get a 
map on my device.
> I have taken a look on the data with sqlite client. Data seems to be 
quite similar. Confused me a little bit….

Do you have tiles with similar tile coordinates in both files? Maybe the 
grid definition doesn't match the expectations of osmdroid?


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