[MapProxy] MapProxy fails with mapnik source

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Sep 17 03:17:55 PDT 2012


On 12.09.2012, at 15:15, Егор Сальников wrote:
> [...] Mapnik and Mapproxy work by themselves, but as i've previously explained - combined, mapproxy hangs.
> If the problem is stupid and there is some web page explaining this - please tell - maybe there is no problem from some fresh point of view - i guess i'm in some kind of closed loop already.
> [...]
> __init__.py(318): def Datasource(**keywords):
> __init__.py(336): def Shapefile(**keywords):
> __init__.py(355): def PostGIS(**keywords):
> __init__.py(399): def Raster(**keywords):
> <hangs here>

This is somewhere inside the Mapnik Python API. So it seems that your Mapnik installation is just not working properly.

Does Mapnik work with nik2img.py?

> On 07.09.2012 18:21, Егор Сальников wrote:
>> The default mapproxy.yaml works great. renderd with specified myosm.xml renders tiles with no problem. 

Renderd uses the C++ API of Mapnik. So it doesn't help you to debug this issue.


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