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Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Apr 8 03:57:34 PDT 2013


On 08.04.2013, at 09:59, Daniel O'donohue wrote:
> I'm looking for some general MapProxy API documentation but the only link I can find http://mapproxy.org/api/latest appears to be broken. I'm new to MapProxy and am interested in writing by own middleware but not really sure where to begin. Any help with regards to API documentation would be great.

we don't generate the API documentation anymore since MapProxy doesn't provide a public stable API (classes and functions might change between each release).

You can generate the API docs on your own with epydoc if you want to work on MapProxy, but I advise against relying on the internals of MapProxy for any middleware.

Is there any special functionality you need?


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