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Pratt, Jerald R (IS) jerald.pratt at ngc.com
Tue Apr 23 09:48:04 PDT 2013

I'm new to MapProxy.  I'm working with MapProxy 1.5.0 on RHEL 6, MapServer 6.0.3, and GDAL 1.7.3

I'm indexing a variety of raster maps I have on disk from EGPL using gdaltindex.  Once the index for each map set is done I've been updating my RPF.map file for MapServer and then updating the mapproxy.yaml to set up the cache.

One thing I noticed is that I could share a cache between different maps.  But what I have not figured out is what the advantages/disadvantages of doing this is.  Currently I'm creating a unique cache for each LAYER defined for MapServer.

For example, I have a variety of JOG maps from different regions and w/in each region of the world.  So far I've been creating  unique Layer configured for each region which has its own cache directory.  But could/should I have all JOG layers share the same cache directory?  Or keep them unique per defined Layer?


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