[MapProxy] Grids configuration between OpenLayers and MapProxy

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Aug 2 07:05:52 PDT 2013

On 02.08.2013, at 15:05, Javier Maestu wrote:
> UTM31N:
>     origin: 'nw'
>     srs: 'EPSG:23031'
>     bbox: [414222,4567961,434063,4583763]
>     bbox_srs: 'EPSG:23031'
>     res: [76.437028270,38.218514140,19.109257070,9.554628534,4.777314267,2.388657133,1.194328567,0.597164283,0.298582142,0.140047909,0.084028745,0.028009582]
>     #align_resolutions_with: GLOBAL_MERCATOR
> But if I see the images that are requested and the images cached in MapProxy, I can see that the extensions are different, so the images are different.

Can you try it with origin: sw? I think OpenLayers uses sw origin by default for tile calculation.


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