[MapProxy] hardware requirements

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Dec 6 05:56:24 PST 2013

On 06.12.2013, at 07:53, Christian Höhener wrote:
> We are about to setup a mapproxy-tiling service with caching.
> Are there any recommandations for hardware:
> Cache-harddrives-disktypes:
> - SSD
> - 15k
> - 10k


- 7.2k

> Server Hardware: 
> - CPU
> - RAM

You should have both ;)

> Other recommandations?
> Thanks for sharing your experiences.

It's really hard to give generic recommendations (except the inode hint by Anne). It all depends on the usage.

If you get 100 totally random tile requests per second, then your disk will need to make at least 100 seeks (plus seeks for directory metadata). You won't be able to get that with a single 7.2k disk. But do you really get 100 new unique tile requests? If yes, then you will need better disks.
If there is a chance that tile will be requested more then once, than you should have more RAM. More RAM means more tiles can be cached by the OS and less disk IO is required. Are you using the WMS service? More CPU cores means more parallel WMS requests with resampling/reprojection. Etc.


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