[MapProxy] gdal2tiles's geodetic profile and mapproxy

Lander, Steven steven.lander at rgi-corp.com
Tue Jul 9 12:53:43 PDT 2013

The issue appears to be the res_factor.  The default of 2 for GLOBAL_GEODETIC only displays the bottom-left quadrant of the tile data created with gdal2tiles.py, but increasing this value to 4 shows all the data.  I tested this with globe data I cached from 0-3.

I will assume this is caused by the way gdal2tiles calculates their resolution, but I thought it was important to archive this info in case someone else runs into the problem.  Thanks for the help!

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From: Oliver Tonnhofer
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On 08.07.2013, at 19:34, Lander, Steven wrote:
> I recently made a rather large tile set using gdal2tiles.py in the following manner:
> gdal2tiles.py -p geodetic -e -r near -z 20-21 source.tif destination/
> This created tiles in the destination folder with a geodetic tile profile.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the MapProxy GLOBAL_GEODETIC grid to show these tiles, no matter how I tweak it.

GLOBAL_GEODETIC is only defined till level 19. Add a new grid with base: GLOBAL_GEODETIC and num_levels: 22.


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