[MapProxy] Fwd: mapproxy under apache / mod_wsgi -> Port / URL?

Frank Broniewski brfr at metrico.lu
Fri Mar 15 01:10:38 PDT 2013

Hi Christian,

Am 2013-03-14 12:03, schrieb Christian Höhener:
> Hi User-Group
> I'v installed mapproxy under apache - mod_wsgi
> I can start a project without error (I cannot see one).
> How can I access the wms (URL). On which port is it accessible (port from
> apache?).

Did you enable the demo service? There you can find all the necessary 
information in order to access the Mapproxy service(s). And mapproxy 
runs on the same port as apache does, usually 80.

e.g. mapproxy.yaml:

> The serve-develop is working fine. I can access this with
> localhost:8080/service
> Which URL do I use to access the mapproxy under apache? Is there any
> documentation

Well you should have configured a directory directive in the apache 
configuration, didn't you? There you define the URL for the mapproxy 

e.g. apache hosts.conf configuration file from my server:
         WSGIDaemonProcess basemaps
         WSGIScriptAlias /basemaps /data/web/mapproxy/basemaps/app.wsgi
         <Directory /data/web/mapproxy/basemaps>
                 WSGIProcessGroup basemaps
                 WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL}
                 Order allow,deny
                 Allow from all
                 Options -Indexes

> Thank you.
> Christian

HTH :-),


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