[MapProxy] Black Background color with openlayer request with transparency

Giuseppe De Marco peppelinux at yahoo.it
Thu May 30 00:51:54 PDT 2013

Hi and good Morning,

I've played with mapproxy for about one year, i love it, but I'm never been able to getting base layer transparent or with background color different from black.
I use openlayers and I think that the way I declare Layers should be good but I can't understand why the black never changes.

This is an example of OL layer declaration:

    base_wms = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS("Calabria_UTM33", "http://"+  wms_hostname + ":8089/service?",  
    {'layers': "Calabria_UTM33", 'transparent': "true", 'format': "image/png", 'srs':"EPSG:32633"}, {ratio: 1, isBaseLayer: true});  

And this is the resulting query


It seems to me that the query were well made but the black remains.
I hope to avoid this with your help.
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