[MapProxy] Performance tuning

BERÉNYI Attila aberenyi at gislab.hu
Mon Nov 18 07:54:11 PST 2013

Hi there,

I have googled quite a lot to find the information I am looking for - no
luck so far. I am well aware this is the hundredth time that someone ask
about performance tuning - please bear with me.

First things first, MapProxy is awesome, well done guys!

So, I have two separate test cases:

   1. "Real" machine
   1. Xeon 5355, 24GB RAM, PostgreSQL 9.3.1-3, PostGIS 2.1.0-2 running on
      2. Tile generation chain: PostGIS -> Geoserver -> MapProxy.
      3. Geographic extent: [-10, 46, 4, 65] (EPSG:4326)
      4. Zoom levels: 19.
      5. I have tried several -c (up to 160) parameters (i.e. number of
      parallel seed processes) but I have never reached the optimal
8-ish re the
      15 minutes average load, even though I have adjusted the parameters in
      Geoserver and PostgreSQL as well.
      6. Is there a rule of thumb for the number of parallel processes?
   2. Virtual machine
   1. Citrix Xenserver host.
      2. Guest: 16 vCPU, 4GB RAM, same software versions running on Arch.
      3. Tile generation chain: PostGIS -> mapnik -> MapProxy.
      4. Much smaller extent about 10 deg x 10 deg.
      5. Zoom levels: 19.
      6. My tests show that even 2 parallel processes per vCPU (i.e. -c 32)
      cause issue/bottleneck (http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=29MPZcYp).
      However the 15 minutes average load is only ~8.

And finally a question/suggestion: have you ever considered to utilise the
GPU's capabilities within the worker processes (


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