[MapProxy] WMS-C requests with "SRS=OSGEO:41001" returning "internal error"

Jason Lee jaslee.st at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 03:30:48 PDT 2013

I'm trying to setup a Mapproxy WMS-C service for my tiles source to be
consumed in QGIS.

The tiles source is regular XYZ tiles, same as OSM, and I can see that QGIS
requests tiles with the SRS=OSGEO:41001 which I understand is the same as

However, once I've added the WMS-C service and clicked to add my layer, I
cannot see any map appearing. When I debug the requests coming into my
Mapproxy server I see request like this:-


...which just returns an "internal error" message in a browser.

If I replace "OSGEO:41001" with "EPSG:91001" i the above request I get a
valid map tile. I'm guessing I need to setup my MapProxy with 41001 as a
custom projection?

Any help/advice much appreciated.

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