[MapProxy] Mbtile file naming in SQlite cache

Pekka Sarkola pekka.sarkola at gispo.fi
Thu Apr 10 05:23:15 PDT 2014



When I use sqlite cache, Mapproxy will create mbtiles per layer, like
0.mbtile, 1.mbtile.


I tried to open those files with GDAL or QGIS (2.3), but just got an error.
It seems that GDAL is expecting that MBtile-files are ending with .mbtiles
(not .mbtile). So when I rename all those files to .mbtiles: no problem with
GDAL or QGIS open files.


So, is ti possible somewhere to configure that Mapproxy will create .mbtiles
(not .mbtile) or should be this be a new feature?







Pekka Sarkola

Gispo Oy

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