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Pestereva, Anna apestereva at aerialservicesinc.com
Wed Mar 12 15:35:32 PDT 2014

 Hello everybody,

I have two questions regarding authentication and authorization for

We tried enabling basic authentication via OpenLDAP on the directory with
Mapproxy configuration files. Without adding any authorization logic it
works great for WMS, WMTS and TMS services and capabilities, but for
several demo links (e.g. html viewers for WMS, WMS-C and TMS layer
capabilities) we still see 401 errors in error logs.

*Q1: is basic authentication on WSGI application configuration folder not
sufficient as approach, or are we just missing something in configuration?
Could you please point us in a right direction, if this at all is meant to

On authorization side, I attempted a simple version very similar to the sample
code on Mapproxy
just using environ['REMOTE_USER'] when comparing to the layers prefixes.
This works great for WMS service, but for WMTS and TMS services (and a few
demo links) we see errors in error logs related to reading the
"remote_user" variable in authorization code: KeyError: 'REMOTE_USER'.

*Q2: how to make sure that "remote_user" variable is populated and
available when accessing all services, not just WMS? Should some other
variable be used to catch authenticated user? - again, if it at all makes
sense to use basic authentication for mapproxy. *

Thank you very much, I will really appreciate any help with any of the
above questions!
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