[MapProxy] Seed script "forgets" a few tiles ?

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Mar 24 07:22:07 PDT 2014

On 23.03.2014, at 18:25, Lars Lingner wrote:
> At my MapProxy installation I'm renewing the caches every week.
> Therefore I configured a time via file
> iib_germany_sw:
>  caches: [obb_sw]
>  grids: [obb_e3857]
>  coverages: [germany]
>  levels:
>    from: 4
>    to: 16
> refresh_before
>     mtime: /path/to/seedtime.txt
> After a successful run I was curios whether there are files older than
> seedtime.txt
> I found a few files (204) which in fact are older and they got not
> rerendered. All the files are also within the specified level range.
> Does anybody know a reason why the seed script would ignore some of the
> files?

Is it possible that these tiles are outside of your coverage? You need a cleanup-task without a coverage to remove all older tiles.


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