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Sandra Lukaschek Sandra.Lukaschek at agricon.de
Tue Oct 7 04:40:02 PDT 2014


I have a mbtiles-file with a  Large of 300 Gb. Now I write the layer in the mapproxy.yaml with his cache, and I see the layer in the MapProxyDemo-Page.

[cid:image001.png at 01CFE233.3DEE9890]

But I can´t see any map, the cache has not been created.

In the Error-Log of the Apache2-Server is the following entry: Exception TypeError: "'NoneType' object is not callable" in <bound method LGEOS330.__del__ of <shapely.geos.LGEOS330 object at 0x7f3f7c0c4a78>> ignored

What does the error and how can I create the cache file of the mbtiles?

Who can help?

Thanks, S.

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